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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 17, 2009 11:15 pm

Greetings my friends, Members, and guests.
We are soon Start The work of our Companies Which are those:

-GaRDoS Production -The General of the Co.'s, Talking about everything, and fun!
-GaRDoSFilms -We are filming movies, Long, Short, All Genres.
-GaRDoS Studio -Editing movies (Sp/Fx, Sound and visual effects) +Dj'ing
-GaRDoS Design -Designing Art, And other stuff, Photoshopping or Else.
-GaRDoS Gaming -Gaming news, Help, Cheats, Video Walkthrough's Etc. *(Sp. Thanks To Machinima)

And i sure there will be more in the near future.
We got this forum as GaRDoS Production, Or as a main forum to talk of all Related, Or do not related to the Companies.
This is a forum for fun.

As you understand We need as more workers as we can, to guide us in the "shiny" future.
We doing all free, Without payment of the reason, That we are waiting to the moment we can gather money from some resources. But we are Enjoy to doing this for free, forever.
However, My name is Constantine and i worked hard With my three friends, Getting the idia's and stuff, I am the leader of the Co. I the Software And Http Designer. And We, just loved to people help us and join, For free, To make friends and have fun. We sure the company have a bright future.
If you would like to join Our Co. These are must be Correct about you:

-You live in Israel, Most likely Rishon Le-Zion.
-You Must Know English, +Russian or Hebrew. English is Required, Others not required.
-You Agree To help us for free As we cannot afford any spendings right now.
-You are over the age 13.

Attention please, If! you are not living in IL or You are not beyond the Age 13, Contact me By (MSN ALSO) or xgardosx for Skype. we find a easy solution, Everyone gets in So don't worry.
ALSO if you are Live in IL ETC'... You also must contact me for talk.
Thanks for your time, Please check the forum rules, Remember have fun, ohh and about my little pervy sense of humor, Don't worry you'l see it in the forum i just to serious right now to laugh ;)Thank you all,Thanks to my team and the next people:
P. Yevgenii, G. Aviv, R. Dani, D. Thomas, And others who i forgot to write there names. Thank you for helping me and giving me idias, and a hand.

Constantine, The Most Epic, HeadAdmin And LEader in the History! lol.

P.S: We starting our OWN martial arts Mix Fight.If u live in Rishon, And know some style we would love to Add You.For Now we are Mixing:Karate Kioko-Shin + Ninjitsu/Jeojitsu + Thai Boxing + Kung Fu (NOT SHAOLIN AND NOT SIMPLE, The Styles of the animals, Dog, Dragon, Tiger,Falcons Claw, and Some more, Its so powerful and fast as hell!) +I will teach Sword/Saber Arts And Legs Kung Fu Mastery.
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