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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:51 pm

Japanese art, The Anime and the Manga.

Anime its an Most Asian animation, Used even in the middle ages and before.
Its Unique and Beautiful i very appriciate This style of animation, Its just awesome, Theres million of artists around the world and everyone can make his self animated or animate the person of his dreams... (Mostly girls as i see)

Anime Continues today and will continue forever.
There is also American, Russian, And another styles of anime.
But mostly is Japanese, Asian, Singapore or korean.

In anime you actually can understand who is Japanese, Who Korean and who Chinese.
Anime can show the characteristics and the feeling of an person on his face.

Anime is very cute as i see it, and done in Different Genres. If its Shounen, School life, Drama, Romance, Ecchi, Super power, fantasy, Futuristic, psychological.

Mine Very favorite is Romance, Psychological or SuperNatural.
Sometimes i appriciate Ecchi with Romance Because it makes a good romantic story.
(Ecchi = Soft perverted) <I NOT A PERVERT!

Anime or manga may done in Hand, Or computer graphics.
I very like when people draw in hand, And mostly i love Someones arts (Dear ^_~)

Theres also People who draw and like HENTAI.
Hentai means PERVERTED (HARD CORE) in japanese.
People see this as something beautiful, art, and well its in other words porn -_-"...

アニメ = anime in japanese
Hentai lol in English called "ero-manga" OMG lol.
Don't know, Don't cARE!.

Japanese Art Devil_may_cry_comic_and_sparda_wallpaper_no_text_bbsaltzmanbilly

Japanese Art Crysaanime

Now if someone Gonna comment like "I KNOW THIS"
I gonna kill him.

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Obey! my orders.

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