[BOTS!!] Blitz trainer V1 (Undetected)

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[BOTS!!] Blitz trainer V1 (Undetected) Empty [BOTS!!] Blitz trainer V1 (Undetected)

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:51 pm

Here is How to use 'Blitz Trainer V1' To hack 'Acclaim Bots!!':
Download Hack files:
(Bots Hack.exe and the Bots.DLL)

Put those files in your Bots!! Folder.
Run 'Bots Hack.exe' And Check the "Auto Inject", Close it,
And run it again, Now everytime you run it, It done the job automaticly.
Then, Open Bots.exe, Login, Open Room (The hack works only on your room) and
press Start game. Then Fast Do Alt-TAB And Check the hacks you wanna use.
When you done, And The boss is dead, ALT+TAB again and Disable the hacks
By Uncheking them, OR ERRORS WILL ACCOUR!

This hack is 100% Virus free and UNDETECTABLE.

I am the Admin, You are my Slaves.
Obey! my orders.

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