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Post by Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:21 pm

Hello, I gonna introduce my self to everyone.
My name is Constantine, I'm 16 years old, Live in Rishon, Israel.
I know i'm a kind of Teenager with the too much dreams, But no.
I am the one who know how to make them truth, I am the one who will make them truth. I spending my time for Making It truth, I clever, I can even say for my self i got brains of a guy around 25 years old. I serious about my goals, and i got future.

I would say things like, Hey there, I funny, I this and that. But it makes no sense, In this realistic world, I can get anything with a Brain, And my Spirit, which says "I want to, i will".

What i doing in my life? Lots of things.
-Designing webs, Coding sometimes, I know Java, Html, Little of C++.
I Designing arts in photoshop, I working on movies by my self, Sound editing, After effecting (Color correction, Effects Etc'...) Starting to Dj.
Astronomer, i know much things that only astronomers can know. Thanks to my Dad.
Physics its something very important in your life, I know it.
Breakdancing but it less important just like as i Also Playing Piano & Guitar.
I learning languages fast (Except Arabic) I learn songs lyrics fast. I am actor with 3 years of acting experience.
I did everything to make the company truth by my self, But anyone need friends, Help sometime, So i desired gather workers, Crew.

I opened My first forum this year i think, its name was GuaRDiaN. The link still be active, the website isn't no more but i check it sometimes.
After i seen it went not bad, I desired opening a company. GaRDoS production, Which suddenly Added GardosFilms, Studio, Gaming, Design. Combined into GaRDoS Companies. I Need everyone who comes here, To make friends, To help.
This is the new Gardos forum i did, Soon the new WEBSITE with downloads and stuff will appear.

Also i know English very well along with Russian and Hebrew, So i desired to learn Japanese. Mean while goes well.

Konichiwa, Watashi Wa Constantine San Desu. Hajimimashite.
Sore wa no watashi mo forum desu.

I got a dog, A good friends and someone i love. Its enough for me. I need actually no money. Its the company needs it.

Well. anyway thanks for reading, Now your turn, Tell a little of your self. ^_^
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