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Post by ErnestMarua on Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:43 am

this artical not coping nothing site its from "Sources of wisdom" If I had money I would buy ice cream

Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction Online-gambling_228x219

A large number of American teenagers have tried various forms of gambling such as
lotteries and betting on sports and video games. According to a recent study in America, over 80% of adolescents (12 to 17 years old) have gambled in the past year. Many 12-year-olds have been gambling since age 10.

Gambling may begin as an innocent game, but it can sometimes turn fatal. With the Internet, gambling has moved inside the home. children of all ages have gained access to online gambling. Teenager can easily gamble away their futures in their rooms. Jerry, 16 years old, started by betting on football and other sports. "Then I discovered Internet gambling, "he says". " I stayed up all night betting and then had problems getting to school. Than I started losing, I mean really losing. I tried to stop but I kept going back. I used my parents' credit cards to gamble online. Soon my family was thousands of dollars in debt. One night, I tried to kill myself. I couldn't stand hurting my parents like that."

Jerry is alone. Gambling is an addicion like any other addiciton. Researchers have shown that it causes in the brain. In fact, the brain of an addicted gambler looks like the brain of a drug addict or alcoholic.

There are several reasons why online gambling can increase the risk of a gambling addiction. These are:

You can gamble 24 hours a day in your own home.

You can lose track of time when sitting at the computer.

You see only numbers and forget that you are spending real mony.

still, there are some happy endings. Jerry eventually made a decision to become amember of Gamblers Anonymous and has now been "clean" for two years. He has even been helping other cyber-gambling addicts. This' he says' has given meaning to his life.

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