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The Moon Landing: Hoax or History?

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The Moon Landing: Hoax or History? Empty The Moon Landing: Hoax or History?

Post by ErnestMarua Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:52 pm

Walter Lewis interviews Dr. Jamews Hall of NASA, the Arican space center

The Moon Landing: Hoax or History?

The Moon Landing: Hoax or History? 93516-18

Lewis: Dr. Hall, there is a controversy about the 1969 moon landing. Claims are being made that is was filmed in super-secret location in the desert.
What do you think of these claims that the moon landing was a hoax?

Dr. Hall: I do not think there is any basis to these claims.

Lawis: Well, you must remember that the Russians and the Americans were engages in a space race because the Russians had already sent a man into space. Some peaple believe that the Americans faked the moon landing becouse they didn't want to admit that they were losing the space race.

Dr. Hall: But we have phtographic evidence of the entire moon landing. Look at the picture of the american flag on the moon. Picture don't lie.

Lewis: Actually, pictures can lie. The American flag is visible, waving in the breeze. How could it wave on the moon, where there is no air or breeze?

Dr. Hall: Look closely! The flag was hung from the pole both vertically and horizontally. This was done by the astronauts to make the flag "wave" even though there is no air.

Lewis: What about this photograph of the astronaut' footprints? There is no water on the moon. We all know that moisture is needed to make footprints. Where did they get the moisture?

Dr. Hall: Well, it's true that is no water on the moon. However, in the very fine sand of the moon, footprints can be made without moisture. Try stepping on talcum powder.
Your footprints will be clearly visible even though it's dry.

Lewis: But with nobody left on the moon, who took this phtograph of the space shuttle leaving?

Dr. Hall: That's easy. The picture was taken by a camera which was left on the moon by the astronauts. It was being operated by remote control from NASA.
I think the whole controversy is an insult to the heroes who endangered their lives in the Apollo space program. Moreover, even the Russians said publicly that the moon landing was authentic. That should be good enough for everyone!

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