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Gardos Appilication Form

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Gardos Appilication Form Empty Gardos Appilication Form

Post by Admin Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:04 am

Greetings, Ladies and Gentleman's.
Do you ever had a wish to join our Company, Be a part of 'Gardos Companies'?
Well now you have a chance and no matter wherever you living or what are you doing.
You Got luck, Since our company YET unofficial, You got more chance to get in.
Though, We do not paying, We still Got no Money, But we are a great community so Who needs Money?

If you Would like to join our Company, Please Post a topic with the Subject:
"(Your name)'s Appillication.

And fill the following Form:

Full Name:
Languages Spoken:
School/Work Name/Classification:
Location: (County, City/state)
How To Contact:
Special Abilities*:
Additional Information:
Will you be active, And Responsable? (Yes/No)
You agree to our company terms, And Rules? (Yes/No)

Thats it. Also, If we won't Hear you for a month or two its fine,
But notice it gonna cause US problems, So make sure to Tell us if you
wont be here For time, And why.

*= If you got Programming Abilities, Movie editing Or other, Any ability would be used.
**= Which company you want to be at? (Gardos- Production/GardosFilms/GardosGaming/Gardos studios/Gardos Design Can be More than 1).

Thank you,
Gardos Companies,

I am the Admin, You are my Slaves.
Obey! my orders.

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