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OUR Company members so far

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OUR Company members so far Empty OUR Company members so far

Post by Admin Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:17 am

Heres a classification list of our Company Team.

Number|Name|Forum name|Classification.

1. Constantine Alexander Kholevietskii [Admin] - Head Administrator.
2. Yevgenii Ponkratov [ErnestMarua] - Right hand. (All the companies Inspector)
3. Brooke [Nya-nya] - Right Hand 2, Advisor.
4. Victor [Fishman] - Gardos Production, GardosFilms.
5. Arie [ARIO] - Gardos Studios, Gardos Production.
6. Jonathan [Rewine] - GardosGaming, Gardos Production.
7. Nick Pleshko - GardosFilms, Gardos Design, Gardos Production.

By Companies:
Gardos Production - Constantine, Yevgeni, Brooke, Victor, Arie, Jonathan, Nick.
Gardos Design - Constantine, Nick.
GardosFilms - Constantine, Nick, Victor, Yevgeni.
Gardos Studios - Constantine.
GardosGaming - Constantine, Jonathan.

This list Will update.

I am the Admin, You are my Slaves.
Obey! my orders.

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