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Astronomy, The Space and The universe. Basic Explenation.

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Astronomy, The Space and The universe. Basic Explenation. Empty Astronomy, The Space and The universe. Basic Explenation.

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:09 pm

Please Save a Credit, As GaRDoS, We write all by our selves.

The universe, What do you think of when hearing this word?
the space, thats it, Everything around, the air you breathing the water you drinking the stars you can see.
Its everywhere, In any time, The past, The future, Now. And the time of the space, is unexplainable.
This why, The space, Everything around, is 4D (Four Dimentional). 4D Is like 3D but when do you see this 4D?
You feel it when you at space, You feel it when you see a bullet in a movie, Flying Slowly while the guy shotting it already running away in a different speed and time. 4D, Is like 3D, but with an unexpleinable time. When a star blows up NOW, You may see it only in the Far Future. (Depends of how far the star is).

So this is the universe, Its Big like something you never seen or understand.
Our sun, Is so small, So small you can't imagine. You can see it in this 2 Videos:


Our Milky way galaxy is huge, so big, And there's lot of galaxies, connecting and creating a space collection of galaxies, and a collection of a collection of a galaxies. And the space never ends.(sizely)

So how all of it Began? The big bang.
The Space was empty, But suddenly, One point in the space, created the big bang, Because there were 1% more matter than Anti-Matter, At the first seconds it was in the size of our solar system, Then slowly grew up, After enough time have passed (Several billion years) And from 2000+/- Degrees Celcious the space became cold with -(Well a big -) the electrons formed atoms, Planets and Life.
I sorry i can't find the video i need to explain, But if you want More specifecly information of the big bang, PM me. Or send an Email.

Small video of our solar system creation:

So lets talk about the Dangers of the space, The stars and stuff...
Neutron stars; Stars with a big mass and neutron energy, You see it later.
White dwarfs; Tiny white stars, With a VERY big amount of MASS.
Black holes; If a star, is very MASSIVE, (Not like ours) After its Fuel runs our, Instead of exploding out, Its collapsing into itself, Forming an unstable, Massive black hole, Its not big but powerful, (REMEMBER: at space, if a star small but have a giant mass will collide another star which is Giant but have less mass, The Small Huge Massed star will stay there and "Eat" the second one.) But the Theory says, Nothing can disappear, So if an Atom, If a planet eaten by a black hole, It will tear into pieces But the atoms will appear somewhere else, Black holes like Deadly Portals, This why the portal technology is actually possible.

Before i continue, As lighter the star, The Hotter it is, It means nothing about its mass or Size.
Here is a little Interesting video of stars colliding into each other, After this i explain about Super massive black holes, And another black hole Fact. (To know more about Super,Mega Novas etc'... Email or pm or ask here or add me in msn or something... cuz its not easy to explain.)

Here u go:

IF A BLACK HOLE COLLIDES ANOTHER BLACK HOLE WITH THE SAME MASS, They both Destroyed, But it something so unique and rare And a chance of it is 1:1000, But must be beautiful.

SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES ARE SUPER MASSIVE! THEY CAN BE FOUND IN EVERY GALAXY LIKE OURS (The milky way spin galaxy) And say thanks now ours is passive...
Here is a Long video about it in 5 parts.

SuperMassive Black holes:
part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

My friends, After the andromeda galaxy collide with ours, The 2 super massive black holes collide and you seen what will happen. The super massive black hole, Its the Dangerous space weapon, and there are Billions of billions of dangers, And galaxies, The space is big. Its just a beginning of the space, More things may appear, Discovered, Understanded or not. Its just a part from what i know, More comes soon.

Your astronomer,
Constantine. lol...

P.S: Super/Hyper novas explosions happens cuz of big stars mass, And the Center of the star (The core) turns into Black hole and sucks the energy from inside... SUX sexy ^_^ lol

PP.S: for more vids, Or watch NASA LIVE TV! COOL! go to http://www.NASA.TV i guess lol Razz
Good day folks!

PPP.S: YES, THERE CAN BE a solar system with 2 or more stars, Which can be different colors thats awesome...
Also if there wasn't dust near our solar system we could see at night the center of the galaxy which was very beautiful we could see the whole spiral the milky way, That was lighter then the moons light at night so we could sleep without lights lol...
well here a video of an A$$#013 but he says truth...

Soon i explain about PLANET X woooooo
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Astronomy, The Space and The universe. Basic Explenation. Empty Re: Astronomy, The Space and The universe. Basic Explenation.

Post by BboyNikey on Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:23 am

מרתק !ו- נחמד .
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