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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:29 pm

The japanese language, Very complicated, Like the chineese or the Thai, Or the korean.
But much more, In japan, Citizens use Lots of japanese languages, There is Ancient japanese, Regular Japanese, Modern Japanese, and much more, There is very lots of letters in japanese, You may write left to right, But other styles written up to down.
But to survive at japan, at least know the Simple Basic letters, which used in Japanese keyboards, On japanese stores and items.
In school students study the Japanese styles along with english, their English accent very wierd, I'm glad i got my own ability of specify an accent to any language like Japanese, You can say i born in there, Like i born in U.S or in England or Israel but truely it was in Russia still nobody realized it.

Anyway, the japanese is very beautiful language, Culture and great country.
I'm study japanese and going pretty well.

The Japanese schools require Uniforms, Each school got its own uniforms, and Sometime Swim suites. Perverted ones think japanese girls are sexy as hell, I think they are cute... (maybe i don't showing the sexy side and thats for good)

Names; Japanese people, call each other by their second name, Unless they got special relationship like merried, Friends, in love. Or sibilings.
Lets say there is someone named Brooke, Ok? and her second name is sweetie, Just lets say thats the name, So if i used to call her "Sweetie~Chan" but i in love with her and we got special relationship, i can call her "Brooke~chan", Just a name, Dont think stuff... [^_~]
Lawl. anyway.

Lets take the names Kitty, and Sweetie.

Kitty-Kun (Kun = an Cute after name for male, Means the person important to you)
Kitty-Sama\San = Shows more respect to a person, Adult, or high ranked person.
Sweetie-Chan = The same as Kun, But for Female.
Sweetie-Sensei = Teacher.

I recommend you to learn Japanese, Great language.
(Though its still a secret where do i learn it from)

I am the Admin, You are my Slaves.
Obey! my orders.

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